Run training made easy: an interview with fitness trainer and nutrition coach Julia Rittner, part 2

FROGBLOG: Julia, from your experience as a nutrition coach, what should runners pay attention to on the last few days before the run, immediately before the run and during the half marathon itself?

Julia Rittner: On the last few days before the race you should have a high carbohydrate diet. The carbohydrate reserves can be replenished, particularly on the day before the run, but please do so 24 hours before the race itself. I always advise my athletes to avoid fibre rich food on the day before the race and eat less vegetables, lettuce or nuts, so as to reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract and give it less digestive work to do.

Julia Rittner, Portrait Willingen

Fitness trainer and nutrition coach Julia Rittner

On the morning of the race, an adequate amount of carbohydrates should be eaten 3 hours before the start – preferably easily digestible carbohydrates and fewer whole ones, according to experience. I know that during training each runner has already tested his or her optimum breakfast before a long run. Many swear by soaked rolled oats with honey or toast with honey or jam. An hour or even 30 minutes before the start, according to experience, they also eat a small energy bar, a ripe banana or another small slice of toast and honey. Fluid intake during the race is critical so they do not wait to feel thirsty but head straight for each refreshment station to take on more fluid! One thing I strongly advise them to test during training is nutrition while running. The gastrointestinal tract is highly sensitive during strenuous exercise and there is some nutrition that it does not necessarily tolerate. After 60 minutes the carbohydrate reserves are empty and a carbohydrate gel, a bar or a ripe banana, according to experience, can provide energy for the second half of the race. But it must always be accompanied by fluid intake.

Julia Rittner_Fuß

FROGBLOG: Now for apparel – what kind
of running gear do you advise our runners to wear on 11 May in Mainz? What in
particular do you think they should they keep in mind?

Julia Rittner: It is very important not to start experimenting on race day! The running shoes and all the clothing are familiar and have been tried out over a longer run, and the nutrition during the race should hold no surprises, either. At the start we should feel almost a bit too lightly dressed, because over-warm clothes can have a disturbing effect once the body is at running temperature and
there is a risk of overheating. We will have to wait until race day in Mainz to see what variant is best – we have already found the event equally enjoyable in incessant rain and in blistering heat.

FROGBLOG: Perhaps it is more than non-runners can comprehend, but can one get hooked on running?

Julia Rittner: The body releases more Endorphins during sporting activities, so we automatically receive endogenous feel-good hormones that naturally increase our sense of well-being. If the level is high, a state of pseudo-intoxication can be reached: we are on a virtual high and totally light-headed! Then we can easily get a bit addicted, with the determining factor being the dose – if used in moderation, individually and for health-oriented purposes, movement is a Magic bullet for achieving physical and mental health!

Julia Rittner_Lauf Wbn

FROGBLOG: And finally, how is your own preparation for the Mainz half marathon going? What goals have you set yourself?

Julia Rittner: I am enjoying doing light preparation as part of my regular training and on the day itself I will relish every kilometre, as I did last year, relaxed and happy to be part of a
fantastic team!

Thank you, Julia, for your suggestions and for your personal impressions and experiences.

With continued run training and thanks to your advice, the Mainz Marathon is bound to be an event that pleases everyone. We hope you continue to enjoy your training and wish you lots of fun on 11 May with the ENERGETIX running team!

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Run training made easy: an interview with fitness trainer and nutrition coach Julia Rittner, part 1

Julia Rittner_PortraitMany ENERGETIX distributors already know Julia Rittner from the 2013 start-of-year event in Willingen, where the slogan was “Fit for the new decade” and she motivated everyone present to greater sporting activity. Julia will once again provide running support for the ENERGETIX team in 2014. A licensed fitness and personal trainer and passionate triathlete, she is making a motivated group of runners in Bingen fit for the Novo Nordisk Gutenberg Marathon Mainz, for which they have entered. She is also running a weekly training session for ENERGETIX staff members – one that is tailored to their wishes and requirements – under the slogan “Fit through the lunch break”.

A few weeks before the Gutenberg (Half) Marathon we asked Julia for advice that trained long distance runners can still follow to improve their form and arrive at the start line well prepared and in top condition on 11 May.

Marathon 2013_115

FROGBLOG: It’s fantastic, over 130 people have registered for the ENERGETIX running team in the 2014 Gutenberg Marathon! Julia, you ran in the “frog team” last year – as did Joey Kelly among others. What memories and expectations will you have as you go to the start line in Mainz on 11 May?

Julia Rittner: The Mainz Marathon is a regional event whose major attractions are its friendly atmosphere and a beautiful route. On every section the atmosphere carries the runners on to the next kilometre and they are cheered along towards the finishing line. As was the case last year, the running experience will certainly be marked by the strength of the ENERGETIX team – the large number of entries means that the happy excitement before the start and the proud feeling of relief at the finish will be a great shared event!

Marathon 2013_180

FROGBLOG: What can a runner who is in training do to optimize their form and well-being in the last few weeks before the run?

Julia Rittner: It is important to maintain an optimal balance between targeted training loads and recovery phases in the last few weeks before the race. A few more long runs of up to 18 or even 19 km will certainly be planned during this period. At the same time, the experienced runners are also already in a phase where they are improving their race fitness and basic speed with interval and tempo training. All runs and particularly the more intensive units should be carried out in a relaxed manner; and if the body gives any indication that it would be better to take a rest day, this is what should be done. It is not our “weaker self” speaking, the body is asking for rest. Adequate sleep, a
natural and balanced diet and regular stretching ensure regeneration – often “less is more” in the last few weeks. There are no more major leaps in performance during the final month of preparation, but the level of Performance reached must be maintained.

FROGBLOG: And what is best a few days before the run? Should “non-professionals” go easy and save their energy or should they prepare their body for the run ahead with gentle training?

Julia Rittner_Dehnung

Julia Rittner: The experienced runners will certainly run some additional longer distances even during the weekend before 11 May, whereas newcomers to the half marathon distance are best advised to do their last long run two weeks before the race. The last week before the race should be taken up with quiet shorter runs. It all depends on the training condition, of course, so it is difficult to make a general statement. Usually each individual runner can feel how much rest is needed before race day. Two or three full consecutive days of rest are a good idea. Rest is important, but too much rest before the event leaves the muscles really “lame” and deprives us of the necessary tension. This is why many runners make a point of doing a mini-training session the day before the race to tone up the mind and the muscles – a short 10-minute warm-up run followed by 3-5 crisp uphill runs and a comfortable 10-minute wind-down run.

FROGBLOG: And what of the “weaker self”? How do you motivate yourself and how do you spur on your runners? Do you use special tricks that you’d like to reveal here?

Julia Rittner: If sport is characterized by enthusiasm and enjoyment, no special motivation is needed. The challenge starts when we reach our limits while training, are surprised by lack of form on the day or have to call on our final reserves of energy in a race. We must then make greater demands on our mental strength and call up powerful images – it can be a wonderful running experience or a magic moment in nature, or we see ourselves arriving at the finishing line! During run training my athletes know that I always refer to the nature around us as a force field and a distraction. So if I name the
plants around us too often or discover the beautiful view several times, I get smiled at – but that’s okay, you run better if you are laughing!

Read further advice from Julia Rittner in the next few days.

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ENERGETIX Turkey’s spring event: ENERGETIX Turkey off to a flying start


ENERGETIX’s spring launch was held at the beginning of March at the Green Park Hotel in Pendik (Istanbul) in Turkey. Tolga Deliktaş, Head of the Turkey Office, said that all 82 participants were really enthusiastic about the 2014 spring / summer collection. The Lava and the Masculine lines were particularly well received by the participants.

Serife Cigili

Tolga Deliktaş, Head of the Turkey Office, with Serife Cigili, a successful distributor

Honouring the best:
pure emotion
Ahmet Kocoglu hosted the excitedly awaited event. Besides the presentation of the 2014 spring / summer collection and the sharing of important company news by Tolga Deliktaş, the award ceremony for the top distributors was one of the event’s highlights.
The appreciation that the excellent results were being officially honoured was clearly tangible.

Gül Batir

Gül Batir



Ms Gül Batir was the first to be honoured in the PSV and GSV categories: the dedicated distributor achieved top results in February 2014. Mr Bora Yosma also deserves mention as an example of someone who was particularly successful in building up his team and who has already risen to the position of Area Manager.

Bora Yosma

Bora Yosma



Proud performance
ENERGETIX Turkey currently has 850 registered distributors on its books. We congratulate the Turkey Office on its remarkable performance and wish it continued success.


Further information required? This link will take you directly to the FROGBLOG article about the road show at the end of 2013: