Anja Kling in action: video on the creation of an artwork for a good cause

The celebrity backer of the 20th Advent Calendar door is committed to working with ENERGETIX for a good cause (as FROGBLOG reported). The video on the Art Advent Calendar event with actress Anja Kling and artist Jürgen Redelius is now ready for viewing on the ENERGETIX YouTube channel.


The video “The 2013 Art Advent Calendar’s call for donations” – with, among others, Anja Kling and Joey Kelly – is also worth a click!

We hope you enjoy your viewing!

Back from her US tour: The interview with Menna Mulugeta (II/II)

Menna, you found fame in the German-language region through “The Voice of Germany”. What did you hope to gain from competing in the show and were your expectations fulfilled?

I just wanted to get out of the Mainz-Bingen area and get some experience. And I succeeded in that! The dream of becoming rich and famous after a show like that is just that – a dream. But that’s not what it was about. Many elements of show business, television interviews, for example, are (now) much easier for me.

Your coach during the show was Nena. How did
that help you and your music?

It was a challenge being in Nena’s team as we work in entirely different worlds of music. But what I did learn from her was to always be yourself and that you should always try to stick to your guns.


What happened after “The Voice of Germany”?

I received bookings from clients and agencies all over Germany. And, of course, the show made organizing the tour much easier. The task now is to find a promoter or a manager who can help me reach even more people with my music.

Since when have you actually known about ENERGETIX?

I sang during an ENERGETIX event at the Eberbach Monastery in July 2013. It was a very special show for me and my pianist, Gernot Blume, because the atmosphere was just so wonderful. The sound in the church and the special audience has stayed with us.

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery?

That changes a lot. But, at the moment, I love the golden cross chain from the “Oriental Fascination” range. It reminds me of the traditional crosses you often see in Ethiopia.

In your brief statement published on ENERGETIX’s official Facebook page, you wrote that you always wore ENERGETIX jewellery for luck. Are you a lucky person?

I’m actually really lucky. Many things in my life just come together at the right time!

And what can your fans look forward to in future?

I’m just as curious as my fans to see what doors will be opening for me in the future. I would like to broaden the Ethiopian side of my music and find a manager who can help me perform on even bigger stages.

I’ll be singing at one of ENERGETIX’s events in January and I’m happy to do more shows for the company!

Thank you, Menna, for the great interview. We’re looking forward to seeing more of you and your band and wish you lots of success in the future!

Back from her US tour: The interview with Menna Mulugeta (Part I/II)

Menna USA Ann Arbor_2

Menna sponsered by ENERGETIX

Menna has returned from the USA and has hardly had time to get over the jet lag. But, on the train to Baden-Baden where she’s going to record a jingle for the SWR3 radio station, the popular young singer still found time to talk to FROGBLOG.

Menna Mulugeta is being sponsored by ENERGETIX and created a generally laid-back mood at the get-together on the Catalogue Launch Sunday with songs that were full of feeling. She then travelled to the USA to tour there with her band, which comprises Julie Spencer (percussion) and Gernot Blume (harp). The three played gigs in Ann Arbor, Indianapolis, New York, Washington D.C. and Boston.

Menna USA Washington

Concert in Washington

Menna reveals that it was her first tour of the USA and that the band organized and put the tour together themselves. Here, the trio was able to call on Menna’s family and Julie’s good contacts in the USA (Julie was born there). They mainly performed at jazz clubs, which already “came with their own audiences” so to speak. Probably a good decision because Menna is not (yet) as famous in the USA as she is in Germany and is still building a fan base.

Menna USA Ann Arbor

Menna, for everyone who hasn’t been able to enjoy one of your live shows: what kind of repertoire do you perform? Did you also showcase your own work in the US?

Our repertoire is based on my own songs from my CD, “FREE”. I also love soul, blues and even music from Ethiopia. My favourite singers are Beyoncé, Whitney Houston and Teddy Afro. But I always try to be open to new music!

Wally's Café Boston

Wally’s Café Boston

Asked whether anything special stood out on the tour, Menna thought for a minute and then said: “Boston!”. Because the last of the five shows in the USA was a gig at Wally’s Café (one of the oldest jazz clubs in the USA) and the atmosphere there wasn’t only great, everything else went smoothly there as well – which pleased us all.Menna Boston

The photos show that you wore ENERGETIX jewellery during the shows and a banner with your photo also associated you with ENERGETIX. Was there any reaction to ENERGETIX’s jewellery?

Yes, there was lots of positive feedback. The guests were usually very interested in the magnets.

To be continued…

In 2013 ENERGETIX participates together with actress Anja Kling in the Art Advent Calendar charity project

ENERGETIX is again taking part this year in this remarkable charity campaign. All proceeds from our participation will go to the Hugo Tempelman Foundation and hence to the children in South Africa.

ESC_7587Last year ENERGETIX teamed up with artist Ilona Arndt and top model Franziska Knuppe (who subsequently posed for ENERGETIX catalogue shots with Ronan Keating). The members of the team were responsible for the picture behind the 15th door and it was they who opened it (as FROGBLOG reported).

In the run-up to this year’s campaign, actress and celebrity backer Anja Kling met artist Jürgen Redelius in Mannheim, where they created another picture to be auctioned off for a good cause.




Friday, 20 December is the day the “ENERGETIX door” of the giant Art Advent Calendar will be opened! Jürgen Redelius’s art work “Vita Nuova” will then be displayed on prestigious façades in Hamburg (Görtz Hamburg), Munich (Hirmer Herrenmoden) and Frankfurt am Main (MyZeil).

For more about the project, visit

Good news from ENERGETIX USA: models present ENERGETIX jewellery in Spanish language fashion magazine

ENERGETIX USA_Vanidades 04ENERGETIX is becoming more and more popular worldwide. The glossy lifestyle and fashion magazine Vanidades (issue 53/22) includes several pages in which models present ‘in’ fashion trends, cosmetics… and also ENERGETIX jewellery.

An opportunity for imitation pearl bracelet no. 1694 and two rings to captivate thousands of fashion-conscious female and male readers!


Joey, art and charity: Joey Kelly celebrity backer for the Art Advent Calendar 2013


Nikolai Makarov

That there are many sides to Joey and that – besides his daring sports undertakings – he also likes to help charities is again further demonstrated by his participation in this year’s “Art Advent Calendar” charity project. This project aims to turn every day in December into a special event in support of the “fit-4-future” project: with an artist, a backer and a business for each of the 24 days that lead up to Christmas. Joey Kelly is the celebrity backer for 9 December. The artist of the day is the Russian-born and Berlin-based Nikolai Makarov and the day’s event is being sponsored by Hochschwarzwald Card.

Joey Kelly visited Nikolai Makarov in his studio beforehand. The artist is fascinated by cockroaches and raced them for Joey on a specially built track. The winning cockroach – named Pamir – was immediately immortalized in a picture that Joey Kelly also had a hand in creating.



The duo’s picture of “Pamir”, the winner of the cockroach race. The artist, Nikolai Makarov, also wears sportEX

SAJ_8582It goes without saying that Joey didn’t have any “reservations” and didn’t mind letting an XXL cockroach run up his arm.

The “window” on the giant Art Advent Calendar was opened on 9 December; the “Goldfisch” work is being displayed on the façades of Görtz (Hamburg), Hirmer Herrenmoden (Munich) and MyZeil (Frankfurt am Main) until Christmas.

You can watch the film that was broadcast on the N24 channel on 9 December here.

By the way: after taking part for the first time in 2012, ENERGETIX has also joined in again this year. ENERGETIX’s “window” is to be opened on 20 December. FROGBLOG will be reporting who the artist and who the celebrity backer are going be!

More information about the project is available at:

ENERGETIX in Turkey: the road shows

The “local presentations” following the kick-off event in Istanbul on 2 November 2013 (FROGBLOG reported) are now in full swing: Tolga Deliktaş, who heads the business in Turkey, has travelled to a total of eight cities to present the new collection and explain ENERGETIX’s business model to interested parties. The trips also constituted a welcome opportunity to establish new contacts.

The programme over recent days included business presentations in Izmir, in the mega city of Istanbul (where the ENERGETIX branch is based) and in Konya, Antalya and Bursa. In spite of difficult conditions – many regions in Turkey suffered heavy rainstorms and flooding – numerous interested parties found their way to the venues to take a look at the jewellery and find out all about it.


Tolga Deliktaş, who heads the business in Turkey, presenting bracelets in the current collection to the enthusiastic participants.

Tolga Deliktaş reported that the recent presentations had helped persuade several people who had previously remained undecided to become business partners so that the number of registrations with ENERGETIX in Turkey had now risen to an amazing 400. Sales have also increased noticeably. A great success that augurs well for the future.

We hope he enjoys the upcoming meetings in Ankara, Turkey’s capital city, Gaziantep and Karabük and wish him success there.

Train-the-trainer: Two-day seminar for beginners in Bingen

The Train-the-trainer Seminar for prospective ENERGETIX trainers was held on 19-20 November. Twelve participants from Germany, France, Denmark, Holland and Turkey enjoyed the benefit of power training at the ENERGETIX headquarters. The distributor-trainer group is becoming increasingly international, so the training was simultaneously translated into English – the first time this has been done!

Train the Trainer Nov. 2013 Biba

All the modules – which the participants had prepared beforehand – were worked through individually during the two-day training marathon. Biba Marseglia, an experienced distributor with many years of practical knowledge, corrected and supplemented the information presented. Each participant dealt with individual parts under the professional supervision of Silke Scholmann from the KIZ Training Centre. This way all the candidate trainers had the opportunity to polish up their rhetoric.

As well as the very successful learning, the seminar also focused on getting to know one another and establishing and cultivating long-term contacts.

In closing round-table discussion the prospective trainers confirmed that they were fully aware of their responsibility as trainers towards the new ENERGETIX distributors.