World-record attempt successful: congratulations, Joey!

Joey Kelly saddled up on Thursday, 21 November 2013, with the aim of setting an absolutely crazy record during the RTL TV channel’s telethon: to ride a bull non-stop for 24 hours! And, indeed, Joey Kelly hung on and survived the ordeal! Joey Kelly now holds the first ever record for “staying on an electrical bull”!


The 24-hour record man

Joey’s mad record attempts during RTL’s telethons have become cult… he already holds the records for staying “on a spinning ‘Devil’s Wheel'”, “on a tightrope”, “under water” and “on an escalator” for 24 hours!
He unfortunately didn’t make it to the singles’ final of this year’s TV total Turmspringen (High-Diving Championship) last weekend. But he did reach the synchronized diving finals with Peter Imhof where he came fourth. He was probably still feeling the 24 hours on the electric bull in his bones.

ENERGETIX donates car to the Hugo Tempelman Foundation

ENERGETIX has supported the Hugo Tempelman Foundation, which is active in the fight against HIV and tuberculosis in South Africa, since 2008. And now, with support from the Mercedes-Benz branches in Mainz and Bingen, ENERGETIX has donated a car with high quality equipment that the non-profit Foundation will use as a business vehicle. The car was handed over to the Foundation on Thursday, 21 October 2013.

Mercedes Tempelman

Always on the go: Joey Kelly live on TV

Joe_3D59626_daAll the fans and friends of Joey Kelly will be able to see this bundle of energy – fitted out with sportEX bracelets – live on German TV several times this week!

21/22 November 2013: RTL Spendenmarathon (Telethon) with Joey’s record attempt to ride an electric bull for 24 hours.
RTL’s 18th Telethon will be kicking off at 6.00 p.m. on 21 November 2013. Joey will be commencing his record attempt to ride an electric bull for 24 hours during the 24-hour telethon (at around 6.30 p.m.)! Joey’s massive and daring record attempt will be shown live at various times (probably hourly) during the show so that viewers will be able to see how he gets on live.

23 November 2013: TV total Turmspringen (High Diving)
Joey will then be taking part in the “TV total Turmspringen” show on Saturday, 23 November 2013. The competition will be shown on the ProSieben channel at 8.15 p.m. The stamina miracle that is Joey will again be taking part in the individual and synchronized events (and that at a time when he’ll probably still be feeling the 24-hour bull-riding record attempt in his bones). He’ll be competing against the entertainer, Stefan Raab, professional gymnast, Fabian Hambüchen, broadcasting host, Daniel Aminati, and the winner from last year, Annabelle Mandeng, among others. Joey is hoping to win the synchronized diving event with his team partner, Peter Imhof.

In the events in previous years (from 2004 to 2012), Joey Kelly has won two gold, two silver and three bronze medals, which means that on average he ranks in third place overall. Congratulations, Joey!

The repeat will be shown at 9.25 a.m. on Sunday, 24 November 2013.

Ground prepared for ENERGETIX in Turkey

ENERGETIX’s business in Turkey was kicked off at the Divan Asia Otel in Pendik/Istanbul on 2 November 2013.


The 130 participants took the welcome opportunity that presented itself here to acquaint themselves live with both the 2013/2014 collection and catalogue. Roland Förster, Sole Shareholder and CEO, along with Tolga Deliktas, Head of the Turkey Office, also outlined the fantastic (earning) opportunities that the business idea offers to the participants. They answered all the distributors’ and prospects’ questions and provided useful tips to the new ENERGETIX distributors. Many of those attending the event chose to take up the special offers that were also available at the event. The enthusiastic start-up mood was almost tangible.

ENERGETIX has enjoyed a great start in Turkey: the number of distributors had increased to 360 just one week after its kick-off at the Divan Hotel.

Congratulations on the really successful launch. We’re looking forward to continuing hearing good news from Turkey.

“A gigantic show” – Tanja Bülter reports online on the 2013 ENERGETIX Catalogue Launch in Berlin

“Magnetic jewellery with star appeal” was the heading with which host and fashion and society expert Tanja Bülter opened her own blog report on this year’s ENERGETIX Catalogue Launch, at which she presented the new jewellery.

The likeable Berliner writes enthusiastically about how she experienced the Launch and how she found the “ENERGETIX family” and the stars behind the scenes. Here is an extract from the fashion expert’s report:


Tanja Bülter

“If a jewellery brand has megastars like Ronan Keating or Kevin Costner under contract and organizes a marketing event that is attended by 1500 people from more than 30 countries, it is clear that we are talking not about a run-of-the-mill brand but a megabrand! (…)Franziska Knuppe (…) happily tells me backstage about the photo shoot in Ireland, where the singer was accompanied by his whole family. Practically a real family happening!
And that’s how I feel, too – part of the Energetix family, at whose head sit the three senior executives Roland Förster, Klaus-Peter Thiel and Alexander Link, who have remained completely down-to-earth despite the company’s success! (…) A gigantic show has been prepared and I feel a bit the way I did exactly 7 years ago when I was able to watch the rehearsals for the Bambi Awards at the Estrel (which featured Michael Jackson!). Everything is perfectly staged!”

Menna Mulugeta to tour the USA … kindly supported by ENERGETIX Bingen

If you attended the two-day newcomer event at the beginning of July or the “Get-together” in Berlin on 1 September (the morning following the Catalogue Launch), you’ll already have experienced Menna Mulugeta’s singing at first hand. You will then perhaps also be familiar with the feelings and goose-pimples that many of her listeners experience?

Menna in Berlin 3

Menna Mulugeta, who released her first album “Free” in 2012, is famous for taking part in “The Voice of Germany” in 2012.

Menna always thrills her audiences with her performances. And ENERGETIX is supporting this young talent, who will be starting her tour in the USA with five shows, including performances in New York and Boston.

The tour dates and more information about the singer are available on her website.

A look behind the scenes: first impressions of the jewellery shoot for the 2014 spring brochure

_OR11946The photo shoot of the jewellery in ENERGETIX’s eagerly awaited new spring collection took place in October. The stills of the new jewellery, which of course we can’t yet show you, were created at ENERGETIX Bingen’s company headquarters.

Here you can exclusively see the first impressions of the shoot, in which photographer Oliver Radkau and Franziska Zobel perfectly showcased the new jewellery of the 2014 spring brochure.

The photos are once again first rate: look forward to a great ENERGETIX spring brochure!