Top earnings from jewellery presentations: interview with Karin Becker

Jewellery presentations are just “a whole lot of fun” for ENERGETIX distributors Karin and Klaus Becker. Along with fairs and markets, says Karin, home parties are an ideal tool “if you want to make money quickly”. Because the successes are calculable. In concrete terms, the successful couple tells its new recruits how many parties a distributor needs to run to earn a particular amount of money.

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Motivating slogan
When Karin joined ENERGETIX Bingen (just under 10 years ago), she already had experience in direct selling. Her husband Klaus has been working in the field for four years. They use a different slogan every year and this year it is “Because simple is simply simple”. It designed to echo their recipe for success, their absolute dictum “Get back to simplicity” – which they never tire of passing on to their constantly growing downline. Distributors don’t have to invent anything new. “Just be more available for people and you will get bookings.”

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Der Spaß darf nicht zu kurz kommen „Geht raus, habt Spaß und vergesst natürlich auch das Buchen nicht“, so bringt Karin Becker ihren Tipp an Vertriebspartner ganz pragmatisch auf den Punkt. „Es soll Spaß machen, das Geschäft. Wenn man Spaß an der Sache hat, Leute zum Lachen bringt und Leute einbindet, dann bekommt man auch Partys gebucht.”

Natürlich sind Karin und Klaus Becker auch häufig – und ebenfalls mit viel Freude – auf Märkten anzutreffen: „Vier Leute am Stand und Spaß für 20.“ So bekam das Paar schon zu hören: „Ich habe noch nie so einen lustigen Stand gesehen!“ Zudem rät Karin Becker, „nicht den Verkauf in den Vordergrund zu stellen.“ Die unverkrampfte Herangehensweise an ihre Tätigkeit empfehlen die beiden nicht nur, sie leben ihr Credo selbst, machen auch gerne mal „was Verrücktes; nicht nur Schema F.“

Hilfe anbieten – Fragen sind ausdrücklich erwünscht
Karin Becker hält wenig von festen Konzepten, eingefahrenen Abläufen. Sie agiert dynamisch, bietet ihre Hilfe an, regt zu Fragen an: „Neue sollen einfach Fragen stellen.“


Karin und Klaus Becker erhalten für Ihre Arbeit viel positives Feedback. „Was war das für ein schöner Abend“ – solch positives Feedback von Kunden und Gastgebern sei für sie „das Tollste“. Gleichzeitig ist es dem erfolgsverwöhnten Paar auch wichtig, sehr viel ganz ehrliches Feedback zu geben. Denn nur so komme man voran, könne an sich arbeiten.

Vielen Dank für das persönliche Gespräch, Karin Becker.

Strong cultures: Kenya, day 8, Diani – Nairobi – Abu Dhabi – Frankfurt


“Dear distributors,

A cheery “Hello” now we’re home again. We all arrived safely back in Frankfurt this morning – a bit tired but extremely happy! So much happened during our last few hours in Kenya and on the return journey that I really have to break my promise to stop writing blog reports and say: here’s another.


First of all, here are the photos of the last evening in Kenya and the farewell meal. We dined in a restaurant in a cave, 50 feet below sea level but with a view of the sky. It is certainly not called “Ali Babour’s” for nothing, it felt like we were surrounded by gold! (Also see the report of day 7)

Little anecdote: someone has opened a restaurant called “The 40 Thieves” not very far away, no doubt in the hope of sharing in Ali Baba’s good fortune – but as far as I could see it was empty. That’s the way it is with competition: if you’re better, you come out on top. So don’t be afraid, just be better! read more

“Jambo Bwana”

“Jambo, Jambo Bwana, habari gani? Mzuri sana!
Wageni mwakaribishwa, Kenya yetu hakuna matata.
Kenya nchi nzuri. Hakuna matata.
Nchi ya kupendeza. Hakuna matata.
Nchi ya ma’ajabu. Hakuna matata.
Nchi yenye amani. Hakuna matata.”

Strong cultures: Kenya, day 7, Diani


“Dear distributors,
Today I’d like to tell you about an aborted cruise, four-poster beds and tears. This will also (alas!) be the last report from Kenya. All good things come to an end but …

IMG_8275Got up at six o’clock, travelled to the boat by bus, cruised out to sea for 30 minutes and then the cruise was called off – it was a bitter blow. But it was just too windy and rainy – the photo Roland took speaks volumes. But everyone took it like a champ and returned to the hotel with heads held high. “That’s that done then.” That’s the Energetix team spirit for you! And it’s typical of this trip and of us generally: everyone helps each other in joy and sadness. As a “non-distributor” I’ve been delighted and moved to watch and remember from the sidelines – and see it happen time and again. Someone helps someone else out with mosquito spray, they massage one another’s sprained ankles and offer medicines for minor aches and pains. And do so as naturally as the way they are forever exchanging tips and tricks on selling Energetix products. Read more

Strong cultures: Kenya, day 5, Masai Mara


“Dear distributors,

I hope you had a great weekend. We did, and what a weekend it was! Have you ever had someone put a hot water bottle in your bed in a hotel? Not very likely – and even if you have, certainly not in Africa. One was put in my bed at the Masai Mara Lodge, and all the other members of the travel party had the same experience. If I had seen it, I would of course have said “no thank you”. What man needs a hot water bottle in his bed – and certainly not in summer! But it’s not summer here and I didn’t see it, either, because the electricity is turned off at midnight sharp – which I didn’t know. So to bed in the dark, looked for how to get in through the mosquito net and ended up on a warm, wobbling rubber bottle.

And I must confess – after I’d got over the shock and realized that a tortoise hadn’t crept its way in – I found it very pleasant because it’s winter here, as I’ve already said! The next morning all the distributors admitted that the same thing had happened to them.


Now enjoy some reports from our lucky winners and breathtaking pictures of animals and people from this fascinating country. Continue reading

Strong cultures: Kenya, day 4, Masai Mara



“Hello distributors or – as the Kenyans say – Jumbo!,

I’m reporting from Masai Mara, the land of the Massai, on the fourth day of the training trip. You must have all driven to a shopping mall or paid someone a visit by car: 80 km, it’s no problem, I’ll be there in 45 minutes if the traffic’s good. That’s what we thought too! And the traffic was good, very light. But the road certainly wasn’t – the last 80 of the 500 km we drove today by jeep were across a wilderness. A real wilderness! Today all the Energetix winners got 4 hours of Power Plate in the jeeps. My goodness, the way some people drive –our six drivers were incredible!


I really wanted to talk about something else today because three distributors will be giving you their own personal impressions. But I’m too shaken. So I’ll tell you quickly about our flat tyre: we were the last vehicle in the convoy, all on our own in the Kenyan wilderness, in sight of elephants and other animals that we didn’t see but which were sure to have seen us. Read more

Joey showcases sportEX – photo shoot with Joey Kelly

Personable extreme athlete Joey Kelly dynamically showcased ENERGETIX sportEX bracelets in an exclusive ENERGETIX photo shoot in Dortmund on Tuesday 11 June. Photographer Thomas Stachelhaus and team and the very well balanced star got on extremely well together. The photos are still under wraps … but we can already reveal that Joey and sportEX make a great combination. Look forward to the results! And maybe the sportEX bracelet will also be available in a new colour this year…

Fotostudio Loft

Strong cultures: Kenya, day 3, Nakuru


“Dear distributor,

Day 3 of our Kenya training trip is almost over. It sounds almost unbelievable but it was even more eventful than yesterday! Enjoy the reports of the winners, some of them had tears in their eyes today.
I’d just briefly like to explain why we call it a “training” trip. There is an incredible amount to see; today there were 6 jeeps with a motley collection of distributors in each and it was refreshing to see and hear how intensely they exchanged ideas, even though some of them hadn’t known each other before: How do I organize a fair with several distributors? How do you approach people at fairs? What aspects do you focus on when running training sessions? So what’s new in the new catalogue? All of them are experienced and successful distributors but they are always learning from each other, both professionally and in human terms.

So we call it a training trip! And the ambiance is always exceptional! I hope that next time it will be together with you!

Greetings from the Equator.

Klaus-Peter Thiel”



Nadia Martina, Switzerland:
Après 100 km sur des routes bien chargées (personnes sensibles s’abstenir) nous arrivons au parc National du Lac Nakuru. Un parcours magnifique nous attend, dans un décor sauvage de rêve. Végétation abondante par la saison des pluies. Arbres majestueux, certains effondrés, routes affaissées, etc. … on imagine l’intensité des pluies torrentielles. Mais ensuite un rêve, une étendue à perle de vue dans laquelle on découvre à quelques mètres de nous, un nombre impressionnant d’animaux sauvages vivant sereinement dans cette réserve. A midi un sympathique pique-nique a été organisé en dessus du lac avec un point de vue magnifique. Nous sommes de retard à l’Hôtel, fatigués, mais avec des images inoubliables dans la tête.” Continue reading