Background and a look behind the scenes: The new jewellery collection

Interview with Janine Eisenhauer, head of jewellery design at ENERGETIX Bingen.

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Part 1/5

Mrs. Eisenhauer, New York City was chosen as the location for the photos for the new catalogue. The photo shooting in the Big Apple was probably a highlight?

J. E.: Yes, New York as the shooting location was incredibly exciting, multifaceted and stimulating. We visited many different districts for the catalogue and gained many impressions. From the rooftops in Midtown very near the Empire State Building to the industrial district on the banks of the East River under Brooklyn Bridge. And, of course, on Brooklyn Bridge itself which features in the background on the new cover. Sometimes we had to work at two or three different locations on a single day. A mobile home then became the backstage area for our styling, hair and make-up as well as the production office and canteen. Everything in the smallest of spaces with up to 20 people working on the project on a single production day. So it was everything but a luxury holiday, but it was fun and the atmosphere was creative.

A glance at the contents reveals that ENERGETIX has – although the sequence has changed slightly – remained true its categories.

J. E.: That’s right, every category represents its own direction, from fashionable to simple pieces of jewellery and from elegant to sporty designs.

Well, let’s talk about the most important new aspects in the new individual categories!


Symbolic is pleasantly different. Where did the inspiration for these imaginative pieces of jewellery come from?

J. E.: The Symbolic category was inspired by many different things, including nature and technology and even entirely abstract and modern shapes.

SYMBOLIC: Chain system with spring ring and clip loop

This new design possesses both abstract and Asian influences, the former even being inspired by a painting by Kandinsky. The pendant may be worn with a chain of pearls from the ENERGETIX range of chains or with a clip loop or simply with a string. There are matching ear studs and ring tops and a bracelet in the same pearl colours.

How did you get the idea to shape a piece of jewellery in the shape of a hummingbird?

J. E.: We are always being asked to realize animal motifs, which is why they were essential to this collection.

SYMBOLIC: hummningbirds and flowers

SYMBOLIC : Little hummingbirds and flowers

The final result was achieved through many intermediate stages. The end product is a cooperation with the designer, Robin Ashby, who created the virtual hummingbird contours for us in a CAD programme. Two small matching hummingbird ear studs and matching ear studs with the flowers that are also found on the hummingbird’s branch were created to accompany this piece.

Everything is represented from nature to technology … ENERGETIX is so to speak conquering space?

SYMBOLIC: Small robots, rockets and planets

J. E.: Well, we did use the working title, “Out of Space”, here. The motifs are very witty and cute, small robots, rockets and planets. Realized here as little charms.
As a highlight, we added a large robot that possesses a turning loop so that it may be combined in many ways with clip loops and chains: lavishly worked with Swarovski crystals and cold enamel.

SYMBOLIC: Robot with various details

Thank you, Mrs. Eisenhauer, until the next and second part.

More distributors happy about their cars in the ENERGETIXDRIVE programme

The 19 September 2012 was the long-awaited day when not only top distributors, Inge Møller-Nielsen, Renée Piguet, Ciselle Elgers & Rick Wessels, Carmen & Ernst Maas, Pia & Fred Petersen and Ruth & Klaus Kristensen, received their new cars from the ENERGETIXDRIVE programme but also Anja Schuch, who is a member of the STARCLUB.

The brand-new dream car was handed over to Anja Schuch, International Marketing Director, in Bingen by Dr K.-P. Thiel, Member of the Executive Board and COO.

“I would really like to thank you for this award, it wouldn’t have been possible without you. You have created and built up a company for which people are able to work with great joy, warmth and deep commitment. And when I speak of Energetix, I am talking about us. Something as big as this can only be created when a bond is created between us all.”

Inge Møller Nielsen

Renée Piguet

Ciselle Elgers

Carmen und Ernst Maas

Pia und Fred Petersen

Ruth Kristensen

Dr Thiel handing over the ENERGETIXDRIVE cars at the Catalogue Launch during a live transmission into the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz. The happy recipients: Ulrike Lemmel, Sabine Dreier-Schmülling & Ralf Schmülling, Sabine & Jörg Breda, Alexandra & Peter Pape-Victor, Kerstin Zschäckel, Marion & Sven Erichsen, Kornelia & Othmar Rombach, Britta Hartmann and Diana Römer.

The ENERGETIXDRIVE partner programme is available to all distributors: ENERGETIX Bingen subsidises the leasing payments for the cars by up to 100%, in addition to all the benefits of the marketing plan. Distributors should not ignore this opportunity!

ENERGETIX distributors can find more information about the ENERGETIXDRIVE programme in the download section of the management system.

We wish all distributors lots of fun with their ENERGETIXDRIVE dream cars!

All photos, all, everything: Impressions of the launch, STARCLUB meeting and boat trip

The Catalogue Launch weekend from 31 August to 2 September 2012 was really something. Three days full of action, attraction, fun and entertainment.

The STARCLUB gets together in Mainz

Friday was entirely dedicated to the stars: the STARCLUB met for the one-to-one interview training headed by Klaus Pertl and for all participants to swap experiences.

On Saturday, Michael Rossié, communications and speaking trainer, “coached” the ENERGETIX distributors under the motto, “Become who you are!” This was followed by the excitedly awaited presentation of the new jewellery collection: the stage show was a high-energy mix of information and entertainment. Each category was underlined by aesthetic acrobatic performances, music and impressions from New York – the place where the photos were shot.

Alexander Link (CIO)
presents the FROGBLOG

A special surprise awaited distributors at the presentation of the new sportEX silicon bracelets because none other than swimming legend, Franziska van Almsick, took the stage. The likeable sports personality is the new face for the sporty collection of colourful bracelets with three magnets integrated in a waterproof encasing.

Ivy Quainoo live on stage with her band

The event was crowned by the evening gala, which the guests and ENERGETIX employees attended in appropriate formal dress.

In line with this year’s “EX in the City” motto, the culinary range was also themed with New York in mind: the live “Little Italy”, “China Town” and “Manhattan” cooking stations served Italian, Asian and “typically” US-American specialities. A lavish dessert buffet and cocktail bars perfectly rounded off the evening’s culinary presentation.

The launch weekend was concluded with the boat trip on the Sunday. The leisurely excursion on the Rhine was primarily planned as a generally relaxing event.

It was sunny and the cruise, was a cruise

The launch weekend was full of entertaining and emotional highlights. The highlights were really memorable! A small but fine selection of launch photos has already been presented here on the FROGBLOG (where they are still available for viewing). But the big photo album may now also be viewed on Flickr!

Besides a large selection of launch day pictures, you’ll also find photos of the STARCLUB meeting on the launch Friday (31 August 2012) and the boat trip on the launch Sunday (2 September 2012).

We hope you enjoy the pictures and have lots of fun reliving the weekend!

Wellness (not only) for frog feet – ENERGETIX’s Summer Party

Mud pack included: wellness is written large at ENERGETIX Bingen

It was the time of year again when ENERGETIX’s management invited employees and their
families to the company’s grand summer party 2012.

A harmonious trio even in fashion: the graphic artist, Yun-mi Jo, and jewellery designers, Janine Eisenhauer and Marcella Ferretti (from left)

The programme also included a trip to the 3.5 kilometer long adventure bare-foot path in Bad Sobernheim where participants eagerly waded through mud and a “raging” river, walked over bark mulch, sand and gravel, pass a plank bridge and balanced across tree trunks.

The plucky bare-foot walkers were “rewarded” with an companionable lunch and a prize draw for two
balloon trips.

Fording the river Nahe, a splash for everyone

The training trip to Bingen

ENERGETIX is well prepared and the qualified distributors may look forward to a sporting event with Ralf Bauer, who will be introducing the participants to the art of yoga.

At long last: the third-category competition training trip on
27/28 September that will be dedicated to the ancient Asian art of yoga

The making of: the film of the photo shooting in New York City

EX in the City… The name says it all: the photos for the ENERGETIX catalogue just published were shot this year in the pulsating US metropolis of New York City.

The atmospheric „Making of” film, which reveals all the complexities of a professional photo shoot in Manhattan in a short clip, provides a fascinating glance behind the scenes.

Impressions of New York, the models – Lucinda, Carol, Alessia, Juan Antonio, Jonathan, Hali and Ralf Bauer, members of ENERGETIX’s creative team Janine Eisenhauer (Jewellery Designer) and Jörg Olejnik (Art Director), the stylists, hair-and-make-up artists, the photographer Heiko Prigge with his crew and Roland Förster, ENERGETIX Sole Shareholder and CEO.

Are you ready to take a short trip to New York? Then just click on the „Making of” film!

You can also see this and other ENERGETIX films on ENERGETIX’s YouTube channel at

Launch impressions: first photos of the ENERGETIX Mega Event for 2012

This year’s catalogue launch in Mainz’s Rheingoldhalle certainly sets new standards.

Owner and CEO Roland Förster welcomes ENERGETIX distributors to the
2012 Catalogue Launch in Mainz’s Rheingoldhalle

Alexander Link (CIO) introduces ENERGETIX Bingen’s new social media activities

The Management Committee presents Hugo and Liesje Tempelman with the donation cheque
for the Hugo Tempelman Foundation

ENERGETIX "Inspired by Ralf Bauer"

Jewellery designer Janine Eisenhauer and actor Ralf Bauer present the new
Inspired by Ralf Bauer jewellery

sportEX: Roland Förster on stage at the launch with Franziska van Almsick and host
Ingo Nommsen


Outstanding acrobatics…

… thrilled the audience

Live transmission of the handing over of the cars by Dr. Thiel

Ivy Quainoo live on stage with her band at the ENERGETIX Launch

New catalogue – new jewellery collection

The new catalogue for the 2012/2013 season has been up and running since 1 September 2012 so you can now order the eagerly anticipated new ENERGETIX jewellery.

The new catalogue 2012/2013

Look forward to a variety of new creations such as the silicone sportEX bracelets that swimming legend Franziska van Almsick presented on stage at the Catalogue Launch. The bracelets are available in different colours.

Also take a look at our website at, where you can browse the current catalogue on line.

We hope you have lots of fun!

The perfect tool for people on the move: the ENERGETIX app

The innovative ENERGETIX app for iPhone and iPad is now available for you to download from the iTunes Store!

The ENERGETIX App for iPhone and iPad

This free tool is divided into an area for distributors and one for customers and offers you new sales and presentation possibilities. You can now have everything at your fingertips whenever you need it, even if you’re on the move. The multi-purpose five-language ENERGETIX app allows you to view and download catalogues, flyers, brochures, videos, etc. and also gives you direct access to FROGBLOG. And the practical search functions make it easy to search for items and keywords in the digital catalogues.

You can find further information about the ENERGETIX app at:

Incidentally, the ENERGETIX app for Android will be available shortly.

We are looking forward to your ratings on iTunes.

Action! The ENERGETIX company film

Were you there at the Launch on 1 September? If so, you will have already seen the new ENERGETIX company film. For those of you who haven’t yet seen it, here is the premiere!

Corporate communications video: this 10-minute film gives important information about ENERGETIX. It captures the company atmosphere and is full of facts and impressions from the headquarters in Bingen am Rhein. The film (available in German, English and French) provides you with a new medium with which to impress potential ENERGETIX Bingen distributors. Try it!

We hope you enjoy the new company film.

By the way, did you know that you can watch this and other ENERGETIX Bingen videos on the special ENERGETIX YouTube channel by clicking on: