15 years of ENERGETIX! A new collection, a new catalogue and a magnificent event in Berlin

With the 2017 Collection Premiere, the festive presentation of its new magnetic jewellery collection, the direct sales company heralded its anniversary year in Berlin. ein. The direct sales company from Bingen has been very successful worldwide for 15 years now!

This occasion brought well over 1,200 business partners and ENERGETIX friends from around the world to the Estrel Hotel to experience the presentation of the new magnetic jewellery and wellness creations, and the unveiling of the hot-off-the-press 2018 catalogue!

“We focus on our business partners”

Roland Förster kicked off the event on the big stage by warmly welcoming the international guests. After a brief look back at the company’s beginnings – 7 million catalogues have been printed and over 1.5 million parcels sent from Bingen since 2002 – the CEO and owner announced that the situation looks extremely good in the 15th year as well! The ENERGETIXDrive partner program is also very popular; almost 400 leasing contracts have been concluded so far!

Next Roland Förster spoke on stage with the man who was there to take everyone through the day’s events: No less than popular TV host Jörg Pilawa could be won over for this important anniversary event!

As a cornerstone of direct sales, it is essential to win over and retain new business partners, as well as provide them with support. So all the newcomers were invited right up on stage.
 Well over 100 newcomers were able to enjoy a “Welcome to the big international ENERGETIX team” and red roses that morning. And those who have been with us for 10 years – full of energy and very successfully – were also fittingly honoured!

Business partners from the very beginning? Yes, they exist, and these extremely successful, independent, international business partners were duly acknowledged for their continuous performance!

CIO/COO Alexander Link took the stage when it came to “ENERGETIX online” and talked about must-haves in the daily business: the practical ENERGETIX online catalogue and the helpful product app. In addition, the new customer and party management system will be available to business partners starting in October, providing them with a new and important tool.

The new 2018 collection
Jewellery sales expert Anna Katharina Stoll charged onto the ENERGETIX stage to present the eagerly awaited new collection.
The lively Berliner, with her knowledge of the industry and an eye for detail, drew attention to the beauty of the new creations. She was supported by ENERGETIX jewellery designer Andreas Zwierlein and numerous models, who staged the jewellery perfectly. Along the lines of the motto “More is more”, Anna Katharina Stoll did not skimp on practical tips on how to effectively combine pieces of jewellery with one other and present them to the customer in an inspiring way. 

The unveiling of the catalogue – Sicilian Moments
It soon became clear: The creative team travelled to the lovely Mediterranean island of Sicily together with star photographer Julien Oppenheim for the inspiring model shots of the 2018 catalogue. And as an absolute surprise it turned out that Il Volo’s young Italian tenors adorn the cover!

But that was not all: great pictures of the trio – with new ENERGETIX jewellery, of course – can be found on many pages of the 139-page catalogue, with the Sicilian way of life as its theme!

Motivation has a new name: Joey Kelly
If there’s a celebrity who turned out to be an absolute fan of ENERGETIX and magnetic jewellery, then it’s motivational genius Joey Kelly!
Joey, who was in Berlin for the 5th time this year, was also very enthusiastic about the absolute innovation, ENERGETIX neck pillow MagnetComfort. He already wears sportEX for all his challenges, and with this wellness article fitted with magnets he now has another product from ENERGETIX that will give him a lot of pleasure.

When asked by Jörg Pilawa about his extreme attachment to ENERGETIX, Joey replied: “Without sportEX, something is missing: It gives me strength, looks good and is fun!”

New display system: “Show it”
The event continued as Britta Rejek came on stage with a novelty worthy of an anniversary. The likeable jewellery designer introduced a new display system that she developed with her team. The result is a brilliant set of building blocks that enables business partners to create professional jewellery presentations. It looks fantastic with its clear design and the materials used, and is designed to store all of the elements in one another for easy transport! “Show it” will be available for annual ENERGETIX kick-off event in Willingen in January 2018.

Top-class training with Christian Lindemann
Top trainer Christian Lindemann (the only German language artist who has ever been engaged by the renowned Cirque du Soleil to date) gave a very convincing performance. With his motto “Showtime – on the stage of your life”, Christian Lindemann enchanted his audience, generating amazement and laughter.

The core message of his entertaining stage programme was to convey confidence and courage to everyone in order to be successful on the stage of their lives.

ENERGETIX highlights
After the coffee break, which was often used to exchange ideas and experiences, CMO Jessica Schlick took the stage. With her motto “From the practice for the use in practice”, this member of the Executive Board warmly honoured the most successful business partners in the categories of “Personal sales volume”: Dominique and Roland Strauß, Nicole and Robert Fritz and in 1st place: Erika Ulrich.

In the category of “International Teambuilding”, Bianca Becker, Marie Claire Poiron and very particularly Rosi Fechter had convincing performances. Jessica Schlick called them up on stage and used the opportunity to ask them about the secrets of their success.

Boost your business
Winning over new business partners is extremely important in direct sales. But something that is at least as important as that is for the newcomers to stay. For this reason, ENERGETIX has created a new incentive system: With “Boost your Business”, which rewards newcomers for being active in the first few months, in the future it will become even more attractive for new business partners to join ENERGETIX and pursue a long-term career.

The new training trip competition
Now it was time for suspense: Alexander Link announced where the new training trip competition will go. Newcomers can enjoy our nice tradition of visiting company headquarters in Bingen, and those in second place will travel to the southern Carpathians, to the homeland of Dracula: Transylvania!

Plus anyone reaching the first category can look forward to a unique trip to the Southern Asian Kingdom of Bhutan!

After unbelievable and touching impressions of Bhutan by filmmaker Stefan Erdmann, the fantastic day event came to an end, and the business partners now had time to get spruced up for the gala evening.


Gala evening with an exclusive Il Volo concert
The prelude of the evening was the emotional honouring of the best ENERGETIX business partners: STARCLUB and the OneYear STARCLUB.

The business partners could no longer keep their seats when the three Italian tenors, who have already enjoyed success together with Placido Domingo, Céline Dion and Barbra Streisand, joined the stage with the orchestra.
With a great deal of charm and incredible voices, Il Volo captivated everyone with Italian classics such as “Volare”, “O sole mio” and “Grande Amore”.

In this perfect (Italian) ambiance, many business partners enjoyed delicacies to nibble on and good wines while reflecting on the numerous experiences of the past hours.

Later, management presented Hugo and Liesje Tempelman and Vivi Eickelberg with a donation check for the charity Hugo Tempelman Stiftung. With 70,000 Euro, which came together from the sales of the MagnetHeart by ENERGETIX business partners, the charity can once again do a lot of good things in South Africa!

But there were still more highlights to come: the drawing of the winners of the anniversary raffle! In keeping with the spirit of dolce vita, the lucky winners were able to enjoy espresso machines and a fiery red Vespa! In addition, three leasing contracts for ENERGETIXDrive models were raffled off.

Last but not least, the band Radio Sic and DJ Matt Flores invited everyone to dance and have a great time until late into the night.

We’ve put together the most beautiful impressions of the event for you in two on-line photo albums:

The day

The evening – gala


SUNDAY – the Networking Lounge
The Networking Lounge, which traditionally takes place the following day, concluded the fantastic ENERGETIX Collection Premiere weekend. This year was even more informative. In a short training session, CIO/COO Alexander Link took everyone on a short excursion into the online management system (MMS). Many took the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.

The reactions and happy faces of the business partners who had experienced this event weekend live testified to an almost unbridled appetite for action and highly increased motivation.

15 years of magnetic jewellery from ENERGETIX creates a desire for many more successful years with this Bingen-based company with the red frog!